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И вообще, меня удивляют разразился скандал вместо поисков читов. Развлечения в игре, и не опасаться, что все DLC доступны бесплатно +10% к Вашей скорости бега) 1IJRKsq - охотник за головами Rs7LQ03 - точность по госту a8o58Is.

Чит на деньги rogue legacy

Загрузил Admin
Дата загрузки 1/2020
Размер файла 10 Mb
OC Windows/MacOs/Android
Язык русский/английский
Лицензия бесплатно


Don’t Shit Your Pants

My First Quantum Translocator

Hello everyone! Holy smokes it’s been a looooong time!

After three long years of sweat and toil, we’re finally throwing the veil off our new game Full Metal Furies. It’s a brand-new action-packed brawler that we’ve been itching to show the world, and we’re incredibly excited to be teaming up with Microsoft to launch it on Xbox One and Windows 10 with full Xbox Play Anywhere and Cross Play support!

But wait, you’re probably thinking, “What the heck is Full Metal Furies?”

If you haven’t seen the trailer (see above), Full Metal Furies is an RPG-laden action brawler for up to four players. But the brawler formula is a little outdated, made for a time when arcade machines guzzled quarters. So, this isn’t just another old-school beat-em-up. FMF is our take at modernizing the genre, and bringing it to a new generation of gamers.

Nothing is sacred in FMF as русская рыбалка 3.0 читы на деньги we scrutinized every issue we had with the brawler genre:

  • Tired of button mashing? The game features 4 unique character classes with their own skills and attacks. Engage from afar as the Sniper, slam up close as the Fighter, or prep turrets in people’s faces with the Engineer.
  • Say goodbye to wonky hit detection. FMF uses complex attack logic to ensure obtuse depth perception is a thing of the past.
  • No more cannon fodder. Fragile Artillerists will stay away and call air strikes from afar, while heavy-duty Minitaurs will charge at you and get up-close and personal. Every enemy is a threat.

And there’s much more, like custom combos, skill trees, equipment, and secret meta-puzzles. But we haven’t even talked about the co-op yet!

Full Metal Furies was designed to support true cooperative gaming so it’s not just players sharing the same screen. A special “barrier system” means certain enemies can only be damaged by certain players, forcing teammates to communicate and work together. If an ally falls you better pick them up, because those barriers don’t go away. And this isn’t just for people playing with friends. Single-player mode features a quick-swap system that allows you to choose two classes while going solo. Everything you do with your friends you can do alone, like stringing elaborate team combos.

Best of all, we wanted to give gamers many opportunities to play with their friends and family, which is why Full Metal Furies is not only supporting online co-op play, but full Xbox Play Anywhere and Cross Play скачать чит для css v34 на деньги support. That means one purchase will allow you to play on your Xbox One or Windows 10 machine, and both console and PC gamers can unite with the Furies to take down the Titans!

It’s been quite a winding road making the brawler we’ve always wanted to make, and we truly hope it ends up being the one you’ve always wanted to play. The genre holds a special place in our heart, and we did our very best to breathe new life into it. Full Metal Furies is our showpiece for the arcade games of yore, and we hope it makes you rethink what a brawler can be. Please look forward to its launch sometime later in 2017!

Ahhh Rogue Legacy Vinyl and Rogue Legacy Steelcase out at the same time!

And look at this steelcase! It’s so.. Game Trust Collection-y.

® All Rights Reserved Cellar Door Games 2017

® All Rights Reserved Cellar Door Games 2017

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